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Angry Chickz Turns Up the Heat on FOXLA's Good Day LA!

Hello, Angry Fam! 🙌

Guess what? We just turned up the heat on live television! That’s right, our fiery delights took center stage on FOXLA's Good Day LA, showcasing the mouthwatering goodness that has set California's taste buds ablaze.

The charismatic Will Lopez, our Director of Operations, was front and center, proudly sharing the Angry Chickz story. Fresh off the excitement of our grand opening in Thousand Oaks, he dived into our rapid growth – from our beginnings in LA to our recent move into Ventura County, with a special shoutout to our "Chicken Alley" location in Thousand Oaks. And if that wasn't exhilarating enough, he dropped the spicy tidbit that we're now at 23 locations, with Vallejo's grand opening just around the corner!

For all those new to Angry Chickz, our segment was an exciting introduction to our signature dishes, ranging from our famous chicken strips, sandwiches, and that drool-worthy mac and cheese (secret's in the cheese and artful cooking process, if you're wondering 😉). But the spotlight truly shone on our dynamic spice range. From the gentle “country” flavor with zero spice, tailored for those with milder palates, to the fiery "angry" level that literally requires a waiver – there’s a flavor for every level of daredevil out there.

One of the highlights of the segment was the playful banter about our extreme spice levels. If you bite off more than you can chew, just raise your hand and our team's got gallons of milk at the ready! Though, if you're like the show's host and prefer to play it safe, the "Country" level is a delicious option.

A huge shoutout to FOXLA's Good Day LA for having us and for showcasing the passion and flair that goes into every bite at Angry Chickz. We're ecstatic to be sharing our journey, flavors, and zest for life with a broader audience.

Hungry yet? Or perhaps...hangry? Whether you're in LA, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, or gearing up for Vallejo, remember, we're here to feed your cravings and set your world on fire (in the best way).

Stay spicy, stay hangry, and thank you for making us a part of your family.

With endless gratitude and a spicy kick,

The Angry Chickz Team


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