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Win Free Angry Chickz for a Year with Our Exciting New Sweepstakes!

Hey Angry Chickz enthusiasts! 🔥 Get ready for an epic journey that could land you free Angry Chickz for a whole year! Here’s the scoop on how you can throw your hat in the ring and boost your odds of scoring big.

Here’s How to Jump In:

  1. Visit Our Sweepstakes Portal: Zip over to

  2. Fill Out the Entry Form: Just a few clicks and you're in the game—no need to buy anything!

Amp Up Your Winning Potential:

After your initial entry, why stop there? Crank up your chances with some extra fun actions:

  1. Spread the Word (+20 Entries Each): Tell your buddies! Snag 20 additional entries for every pal who joins the fun thanks to your referral.

  2. Connect with Us on Social Media for More Entries:

  3. Instagram (+15 Entries)

  4. TikTok (+15 Entries)

  5. Facebook (+15 Entries)

  6. Locate Us (+10 Entries): Check out our sweepstakes page to find your nearest Angry Chickz spot and grab those bonus entries!

What’s the Prize? A lip-smacking year's supply of Angry Chickz! Imagine indulging in your beloved spicy chicken delights without fretting over the cost.

Why Dive In? This isn't just about nabbing awesome eats; it’s about embracing the fiery vibe of our Angry Chickz fam. Every step you take not only edges you closer to victory but also tightens your bond with our community of flavor adventurers.

So, what are you waiting for? Plunge into the sweepstakes at, lock in your entry, and start piling up those extra chances. Don’t forget to peek at the full deets and official rules on our site.

Here's to a year bursting with flavor! 🎉


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