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Turn Up the Heat: Angry Chickz's Grand Opening in Vacaville!

Nashville hot chicken enthusiasts, rejoice! Our fiery feast has found a new home in Vacaville, and you're invited to join the sizzle. Angry Chickz, the beloved brand that's been setting taste buds ablaze across California, is gearing up for its grandest opening yet on April 5, at 1021 Helen Power Drive, near the bustling vibes of Vacaville Premium Outlets, Walmart, and Sam’s Club.

From the heart of SoCal to the vibrant community of Vacaville, we're here to spice up your meals and moments. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, set for 11 a.m. on opening day, is just the start of a day filled with fun, food, and fiery flavors. Be one of the first 100 guests and snag a limited-edition swag bag that's too hot to handle, or get lucky with one of our "Golden Meal Tickets" for a chance to indulge in free combo meals throughout April.

Why stop there? We're also dishing out "Mac for a Month" tickets and even the golden chance to win "Angry Chickz for a year" through an on-site raffle. This isn't just another restaurant opening; it's a ticket to embark on a culinary adventure that promises heat, heart, and heaps of flavor.

Our founder, David Mkhitaryan, ignited the Angry Chickz flame in 2018 with a simple mission: to share the unrivaled taste of Nashville hot chicken far and wide. Today, as we fling open our doors in Vacaville, marking our 25th location, we're not just serving meals; we're weaving into the fabric of the community, one spicy bite at a time.

But what's an Angry Chickz dish without its signature kick? Dive into our menu, where fiery chicken sandwiches, tenders, and our legendary Mac & Cheese await to challenge your heat tolerance and delight your palate. Each dish is a testament to our dedication to flavor, spice, and everything nice.

Join us as we celebrate this spicy milestone in Vacaville. Whether you're a heat seeker, a flavor chaser, or simply in it for the love of chicken, there's a seat at our table with your name on it. Mark your calendars, rally your friends, and let's turn the heat up together on April 5th. After all, life’s too short for bland meals.

For more fiery details, visit Here’s to bringing the heat, the flavor, and the community together, one Nashville hot chicken at a time.


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