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🔥 Vacaville, Get Ready for the Heat! Angry Chickz Grand Opening! 🔥

Hey Spice Seekers! 🌶️ The hottest spot in town, Angry Chickz, is landing in Vacaville on April 5th, and you’re in for a treat. Want the deets? Peep our Facebook Event here:!

Catch the Hype at 11 AM 🐓

Be one of the first 💯 at 1501 Helen Power Dr and snag some 🔥 merch!

Angry Heal Level Challenge 🌡️

From 'Country - No Heat' to 'Angry - Sign a waiver', we’ve got the heat (6 levels total). Dare to dominate our Heat Challenge? 🔥

Drool over our secret-spiced tenders and cool off with creamy mac 'n' cheese! 🧀

Save the Date 🗓️

Don't miss out! RSVP to our FB event and bring your fireproof appetite. Let’s turn up the heat! 😎🔥


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