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The Flame of Growth: Angry Chickz's Franchise Insights on The Restaurant Report

Hey, Angry Fam!

We've got some exciting news to share! Our very own Mike LaRue, the VP of Franchise Development at Angry Chickz, was recently featured on "The Restaurant Report" podcast, hosted by Paul Baron. Mike dished out some juicy details about our franchising journey, our brand's growth, and the unique approach that sets Angry Chickz apart in the fast-casual space. Here’s a recap of the insights shared during this spicy conversation!

Mike's Franchise Wisdom

With over 16 years in the franchise biz, Mike brought a wealth of experience to the table. He’s seen the ins and outs of franchise development, from initial sales to navigating the complexities of new restaurant development. At Angry Chickz, he’s applying this deep knowledge to steer our growth in the right direction.

Angry Chickz: Not Just Another Chicken Joint

Mike touched on what makes Angry Chickz stand out in the crowded field of Nashville hot chicken. It's not just about having the best chicken tender (though we do!), but it’s about the story, the people, and the culture behind the brand. We're more than a restaurant; we're a community.

Focus on Culture, Community, and Fun Our focus isn't just on expanding rapidly; it's about nurturing the right culture, both within our team and in the communities we serve. This philosophy attracts franchisees who share our values, ensuring that each new location maintains the fun, vibrant atmosphere and community focus that Angry Chickz is known for.

Strategy for Growth

Mike emphasized the importance of choosing the right franchisees – those who align with our mission and values. Our goal isn’t to be everywhere but to be where we can make the most impact. We’re looking for multi-unit operators who understand our vision and are ready to grow with us.

The Menu That Sets Us Apart

The conversation also highlighted our menu, especially the range of spice levels that cater to every palate, from the no-heat 'Country' to the tear-inducing 'Angry'. This variety ensures that we have something for everyone, making Angry Chickz a hit across diverse demographics.

Looking to the Future

As we continue to grow, our commitment to quality, community, and a fun dining experience remains steadfast. We’re not just another franchise; we’re a movement. And we’re excited to see where this journey takes us, one spicy tender at a time!

To listen to the full podcast and get more insights from Mike, head over to Spotify and search for “The Restaurant Report”. Trust us, it's a conversation you don't want to miss!

Stay Spicy, Stay Hungry,

The Angry Chickz Team

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